Ulla Villoria

Ulla Villoria-Ahoniemi


Painting form is an affair of the heart: intuitively, emotionally, spontaneously and impulsively. Just to have artistic talent does not mean you are an artist. For me it also means enduring, to be in an isolated space and accept the fear, the silence and the doubt. Out of this process I always receive new energy and inspiration for my painting and as well for my own life. With my pictures I would like to have an immediate effect to my observer and touch him , so he can feel the easiness of being, to have a hopeful feeling and will be aware of his own creativity.


As a native of Finland, nature is very close to me. I use acrylics, pigments, mixed media, pouring on canvas or paper to capture the light and movement. I live in Switzerland, partly on Mallorca. Especially in the last years the sources of inspiration are the sea and the sun.

With my paintings I want to touch the viewer directly, so that he feels the lightness of being again and becomes aware of his own creativity.   



Since 2008

Own studio


2005 – 2010

Assenza Art School, Münchenstein


2003 – 2005

Painting courses, workshops:

K. Kunz, Reinach

U. Thommen Malschule, Liestal